When the Lights Went Out

New York City skyline


When the Lights Went Out is a web-based, interactive documentary/ mobile app and immersive experience by Red on Black Productions telling the true stories of the people who experienced Sandy and how New York and the rest of the country joined forces to clean up the mess.

How do you take part?

**Download the Moveable Feast app to listen to “When the Lights Went Out” which captures some of the many stories of those affected by Hurricane Sandy (Note: You must download the app before you click on the link for the story. At this time, the app only works on iOS devices as it’s still in Beta.)

**Send us a video or pictures of your experience with Sandy to the hashtag #LightsOutDoc and we’ll add them to our growing documentary.

**Most of all, show those that were affected by Sandy that you still care and give your time (or a bit of your lunch money) to those organisations still helping in hard hit areas.

These include (but are not limited to):

Waves for Water
The Red Hook Initiative
Respond and Rebuild
Staten Island Unity
Boots on the Ground
American Red Cross
City Harvest
Points of Light


As part of Social Media Week in New York (February 18-22, 2013) and Bushwick Film Festival (October, 2013), we shared the first version of our full immersive experience. Participants not only used the mobile app around the city, but they also:

**Visited the Social Media Week Global HQ/ Bushwick Film Festival to watch the short clips of the documentary of When the Lights Went Out.

**Left comments on our story wall. They answered the question: “What compels us to connect to others’

**Watched a mash-up of NASA footage and interviews with scientists on the effect of climate change.

**Listened to stories of the many volunteers who helped the area rebuild.

**Headed to the Soho Gallery of Digital Art from Monday, February 18-Friday, February 22, 2013, where they saw a collection of mobile images from Hurricane Sandy and the days and months afterward. The exhibit was curated in conjunction with Sandy Storyline, an web based documentary project.